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Tandoori Delicacy

Tandoor is a drum shape oven uniquely made of clay prominently made for making bread but cooking smaller cubes of meat add great taste to it, since high heat of tandoor seal the outer layer before it start cooking so flavor retain in the meat.

Shahi Korma

A dish of Moghul empire origin, in which meats or vegetables are braised, simmered in a rich, highly seasoned sauce thickened with ground nuts, yogurt and cream, garnish with coconut enjoy. Serve with bowl of rice. (Gulton Free)

Tikka Masala

Most popular Indian dish where meat or vegetables are braised and simmered in the creamy tomato sauce and unique blend of spices. (Gulton Free)

Rogan Josh

True Kashmiri delicacy, traditionally goat, lamb or chicken is cooked with aromatic spices, Kashmiri paprika and hint of almond. Serve with bowl of rice. (Gulton Free)


Mint’s special fresh spinach grounded with mustard green finished with cream a true delicacy. Serve with bowl of rice. (Gulton Free)


A true delicacy, Jem of Moghuls pass on to deccani cuisine and so on, where rice is cooked into air tight pot with meat or vegetables so that every morsel of rice gets the flavor of the dish. (Gulton Free)

Mint Special Bread

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